Without the art of past civilizations, what would we know about them?

the mission

The Art of Saving Humanity provides refugee-centered art programs that support emotional healing and livelihood opportunities, preserve cultural integrity, and bridge cross-cultural communication among refugees and the communities within which they resettle.

the problem

Over 65.6 MILLION human beings are displaced from their homes right now due to wars, acts of terror, ethnic cleansing, and other persecution.

This is the highest number in recorded history.

Refugees spend an average of 10-20 years stuck in refugee camps and emergency housing.

Upon resettlement, lives are inexorably altered. The struggle to become self-sufficient in a foreign land is met by barriers of communication, acceptance, and understanding. Talent and skill are rarely utilized, as labor is often menial and opportunistic by necessity.

In a generation’s time, arts practices can vanish.

Without the arts, cultures die.

the goals

Starting locally as a pilot program, the Art of Saving Humanity collects art supply donations, runs art workshops for King County refugees of all ages, and is working to create a permanent studio space for locally resettled refugees to gather for healing through art and freedom of creative expression. We promote resulting artwork through an online gallery, local art walks, and public art exhibitions.

Source: Art will Save Humanity Mission Page

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Cohan Zarnock Photography

"Voice is given to those who no longer wish to be silent." - C. Zarnock

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