SisterWorks is a social enterprise and a business, but we are also so much more than that. We are a Family.


SisterWorks supports women who are migrants, asylum seekers and refugees start and run their own micro businesses.


We don’t just deal in money but also in knowledge and relations. Working is not just about getting paid. It’s about having something to work for in life, being a part of a community and feeling worthy.


The women that SisterWorks works with are the most vulnerable migrants. They have been marginalized due to a lack of identity, language barriers, lack of western culture knowledge, poor employment skills and being the carers of their families. They face long-term unemployment which exacerbates social issues. With on-going support, this vulnerability can be lifted and not become a lifetime issue.


We believe that Work Empowers Women and our aim is to support as many women as possible to move into work.


SisterWorks is a place where everyone supports and empowers each other – no matter who they are or where they come from. SisterWorks has 171 Sisters from 55 countries: 88 Entrepreneurs, 68 volunteers, 10 board members and 5 part-time staff.


The Entrepreneurs are the Sisters who are working toward reducing their dependence on welfare and becoming economically independent by developing their own enterprises.




Location: Based in Melbourne, SisterWorks is in 55 Countries.

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