Mission: “No one likes to be poor. No one likes to depend on hand-outs, or the charity of others. A project such as Monkeybiz addresses a very deep human need, in that it helps people to help themselves” – Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of the Anglican Church of South Africa.

The majority of Monkeybiz artists have known poverty, neglect and deprivation for most of their lives. Against this background, Monkeybiz has achieved tremendous impact by providing a basic income to many families who would otherwise have been left destitute.

Monkeybiz pays the women immediately as the work is delivered on a market day. Every artist has a bank account, encouraging money management and helping with cash security. Monkeybiz pays the beaders according to the quality of their work, encouraging improvement, inspiring higher standards.

In the African culture the funeral and burial fund will be one of the most important savings they make. Monkeybiz has set up a Funeral and Burial fund for every beader on the register, where each beader’s contribution to this fund is matched by Monkeybiz.

Depending on funding, workshops are organised; some creative workshops with visiting artists, Beginner Beading and Refresher workshops, helping the beaders who may be struggling with quality. Educational, Entrepreneurial and Business Workshops to inspire growth of ideas and/or new business, even to understand the business of Monkeybiz.

Source: Monkeybiz.co.za

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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