Choki established a women’s cooperative located in Bhutan in 2014. Through fairly traded sales of products, the weavers will have sustainable incomes to obtain quality food, sanitation, and education.


The weaving community from Bhutan preserves one of the most advanced and sophisticated weaving cultures in the history of civilization. Bhutanese textiles are the highest form of traditional art and spiritual expression from a culture of ever smiling people and scenic monasteries. By utilizing Bhutanese back strap looms, the culture of textiles has been integral to Bhutan’s heritage for centuries. Its quality of intricate brocades and complex patterns are among the best in the world.


The textiles are 100% handmade using unique dying and weaving techniques. CHOKI supports the knowledge and skills that have been passed down through generations with 100% of sales proceeds supporting the CHOKI Women’s Cooperative.




Location: Bhutan & Denver

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